Guest Information

Our group holidays are available on our webpage or upon request. You can express your interest by emailing or posting an enquiry form from our Contact page.

We encourage you to contact us with as much information about your requests and wishes as possible. Others in the group may also want to enjoy your suggestions.


You can plan an individual customized holiday of your dreams. Contact us via our enquiry form or call us on 0448 100 133 and we can assist you with researching and planning your holiday.

What Next? Once you have confirmed your booking and agree to our quote, our forms will be sent out for you to complete.

Two weeks before your holiday you will receive a personal letter detailing the arrangements on the holiday and final forms to be completed. Please read your information carefully and if you have any further questions please call our office. Suggestions on what to pack will be listed and don't forget your ID's and Passport if needed.

Now you can start packing.